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Children and staff at Buriton Primary School held a week-long  celebration of  books

from Monday 16th to Friday 20th March.

For more pictures and a full report please click here.group image

Headteacher, Danielle Brown (Far-right), with some of the pupils who entered the poetry recital competition, along with Judges: (L-R) Lesley Farrow, Deputy Town Mayor; a group of Year 9 pupils from The Petersfield  School, accompanied by their class teacher, Victoria Beaumont;  Paul Martin, School Governor;  and  retired Buriton Teacher, Lindsey Matthews.


Our school is a learning community in which all learners are encouraged to reach their full potential.

The school works hard to achieve high standards of teaching and curriculum provision for all children. We aim to develop children who are confident and happy life-long learners and the ethos of our school is  

‘Discovering the wonders of learning.’

We are very proud of our achievements and the learning that takes place here. The school is characterised by a strong partnership between pupils, staff, parents and governors and a good relationship with the wider community. We promote the values of team work, creativity, independence, and emotional intelligence in all learners. We aim for all children to achieve their full potential in all areas of the curriculum and to develop thinking skills and confidence, whilst being able to manage their feelings and develop their social skills. Follow the links to the Ofsted Report for more information.