Sports News at Buriton

At Buriton Primary School we offer a wide range of sporting activities for children to participate within the curriculum and as extra-curricular activities, during lunchtimes and after school.


We have recently received our goal of achieving  a 'Gold' award from the School Games Mark.


A fortnightly sports newsletter is now being produced, please see below for the latest edition:



Year 3 & 4 Football Festival at Dunhurst on Wednesday 14th November 2018


Finally, the Year 3 & 4 football team took to the pitches for their first official game of football. The Football Festival is run annually by Dunhurst School and is a really fun afternoon of playing different teams and the chance for the boys to try out different positions.  The children had a wonderful afternoon and they really enjoyed playing all the teams from local schools.


Year 5 & 6 Football Tournament at Langrish on Thursday, 1st November 2018


The Year 5 & 6 football team played at a 6-a-side tournament on Thursday, 1st November 2018 at Langrish School.  This was the first time they have played together as a team and they produced a very fine performance; winning 2 of the games and just narrowly losing 2.  A really fun afternoon was had by all and I am looking forward to watching this team progress throughout the year!


Year 3 & 4 Football at Dunhurst on Wednesday 7th November 2018


The Year 3 & 4 football team were due to have their first match of the season away to Dunhurst but, unfortunately, Dunhurst had to make a change of plans as their pitch was too wet.  Instead, we headed into their Sports Hall for a game of crab football!  Despite their disappointment, the children took it on the chin and had a really fun time flying across the sports hall on their bottoms!   A really fun afternoon and a resounding 7-2 win to Buriton no