Who's Who

Picture 1 Mrs Danielle Brown, Headteacher
Picture 2 Miss Becky Green, SLT, Teacher, Emeralds Class
Picture 3 Mrs Clare Evans, SLT, Teacher, Sapphires Class
Picture 4 Mrs Helen Bradley, Teacher, Emeralds Class
Picture 5 Mrs Georgina Carrick, SENCO, Teacher, Pearls Class
Picture 6 Mrs Vicki Rose, Teacher, Sapphires Class
Picture 7 Mrs Ann Thompson-Smith, Early Years Assistant
Picture 8 Mrs Carol Tweddle, Classroom Assistant/ELSA
Picture 9 Mrs Helen Pinhorn, Classroom Assistant
Picture 10 Miss Jane Burrough, Early Years Assistant
Picture 11 Mrs Rachel Browning, Early Years Assistant
Picture 12 Miss Sally Slack, Senior Administrative Officer
Picture 13 Miss Jo Eades, Administrative Assistant
Picture 14 Mrs Sharon Hall, School Cook
Picture 15 Mrs Becky Peters, Cook's Assistant
Picture 1 Mrs Rebecca Moore, Diamonds Classteacher
Picture 2 Mrs Emily Holloway, Pearls Classteacher
Picture 3 Mrs Nicky Tapster, Teaching Assistant
Picture 1 Mrs Gloria Bundy, Caretaker and Cleaner




Mrs D Brown

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs C Evans

Miss R Green

Diamonds Class Teachers - Reception Year and Year 1

Mrs R Moore

Sapphires Class Teacher - Years 2 and 3

Mrs C Evans

Mrs V Rose

Pearls Class Teachers - Years 4 and 5

Mrs G Carrick

Miss E Holloway

Emeralds Class Teacher - Years 6

Mrs H Bradley

Miss R Green

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

Mrs G Carrick

Gifted, Able and Talented Co-ordinator

Mrs G Carrick

Early Years Assistants

Mrs R Browning

Mrs J Burrough

Mrs A Thompson-Smith

Classroom Assistant/ELSA

Mrs C Tweddle

Classroom/Special Needs Assistant

Mrs H Pinhorn

Classroom Assistant

Mrs N Tapster

Senior Administrative Officer   

Miss S Slack

Administrative Assistant 

Miss J Eades

Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs H Pinhorn

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs C Tweddle

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs N Tapster


Mrs G Bundy

School Cook

Mrs S Hall

Dinner Supervisor

Mrs R  Peters