At Buriton Primary School the class structure is as follows:


  Pupil Age School Year Class Teacher(s)
  4-5 Reception    
Foundation & Key Stage 1     Diamonds Class Mrs Moore
  5-6 Year 1    
  6-7 Year 2    
Key Stages 1 & 2     Sapphires Class Mrs Evans and Mrs Rose
  7-8 Year 3    
  8-9 Year 4    
Key Stage 2     Pearls Class Mrs Carrick and Mrs Holloway
  9-10 Year 5    
Key Stage 2 10-11 Year 6 Emeralds Class Mrs Bradley and Miss Green


In all classes the following School Rules are promoted and encouraged:

Be polite and respectful

Concentrate and work hard

Always walk in school

Be kind and helpful to others

Be sensible so that everyone can learn


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