At Buriton Primary School the class structure is as follows:


 Pupil AgeSchool YearClassTeacher(s)
Foundation & Key Stage 1  Diamonds ClassMiss Moore & Mrs Rose
 5-6Year 1  
 6-7Year 2  
Key Stages 1 & 2  Sapphires ClassMrs Rose & Miss Burrough
 7-8Year 3  
 8-9Year 4  
Key Stage 2  Pearls ClassMrs Evans
 9-10Year 5  
Key Stage 210-11Year 6Emeralds ClassMrs Carrick and Mrs Holloway


In all classes the following School Rules are promoted and encouraged:

Be polite and respectful

Concentrate and work hard

Always walk in school

Be kind and helpful to others

Be sensible so that everyone can learn

Take care to keep myself and others safe


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