Year 4/5 – Pearls

Welcome to Pearls

Pearl's Maths Homework



This week we have been investigating and using Roman numerals in Maths.


For homework, play the Roman numerals game (link below) and try to teach a family member about Roman numerals!

Pearl's English Homework



A very important part of learning is speaking and listening, so this week for your homework we would like you to talk!

Look carefully at the picture below.

Talk to an adult/sibling/pet about the picture.

Then discuss the questions below it.


Next Wednesday I will be asking you about the picture - I will be asking the questions and we will discuss them as part of our RE day - so please make sure you have something to say!


If you would like to jot down some answers or ideas in your Homework please do so - but you don't have to.

Just Talk



  • Where is this?
  • Describe the setting. What can you see, hear, feel and smell?
  • How does the setting make you feel?
  • What is the person doing? Why?
  • Who is it?
  • Why did they choose to meditate here?
  • What is meditation?
  • What do you do to help you feel calm?
  • Where do you feel the calmest?


There are no right or wrong answers - it's just about what you think. 


Pearl's Topic Homework - 02.10.20

Due Wednesday 07.10.20

We have learned lots about Ancient Greek Gods and we'd like you to find out more about mythical creatures in Greek mythology! The document below has some information or you could look on the internet or in a book.


Now you know more about the creatures you could choose to either:

- Create a fact file about one of the Ancient Greek mythological creatures. This could be in any format you like; on the blog, on paper as a poster, a video or animation...

- Design your own mythical creature. Remember to add in the important facts about your creature; diet, appearance, special abilities, habitat (where it lives) etc... This can also be done in any format that appeals to you.


Hope you enjoy being creative! We can't wait to see what you come up with!



English Homework 25.9.20


Due Wednesday 30th September 2020


In class, we have begun learning about Greek Gods. 

For your homework this week we would like you to find out about 'Zeus' King of the Greek Gods.

You can use the internet or books to complete your research.

Use what you have found out to complete a fact file.


You can either:

  • Print and complete the one below and stick it in your homework book.
  • Complete the word version and upload to the blog
  • Make up your own version with extra detail is a good website if you’re stuck but there are lots of others. 

Maths Homework 18.09.20


Due Friday 25th September 2020


Can you design a poster for our Maths board about rounding? You can do it on paper to bring in or pop it up on the blog for us all to see! It could look something like this:



Can you teach someone in your household the 'high fives' game?

Someone says a number - 2, 3, 4, 5 digits.

If the ones digit is 5 or above, high five.

If the ones digit is 4 or below, low five!

Week 8 Maths Year 4/5 - Column Addition Revision Lesson

Week 7: WB 08.07.20. Maths Year 4/5 Roman Numerals Lesson Power Point Parts 1 and 2

Maths Year 4/5: Roman Numerals Extension - Interactive Power Point Questions and Answers

Journey -Part four

Journey -Part five

Journey -Part six

Week 7 - Geography

Journey - Part one

Journey - Part two

Journey -Part three

Week 6 - WB - 1.6.20 Geography

Maths WB 18.05.20 - Year 5 Extension Decimal Problem Solving.

Zentangles - we have been drawing pictures using zentangles, if you would like to try, you can use them to add colour to anything. We drew mountain landscapes and the continents, which links nicely to our geography topic if you would like to have a go.

Science - Changing States of Matter. WB: 11.05.20

VE Day Photographs

Below are some VE Day themed Maths problems. Each problem gets progressively more challenging so you can choose!

Science - Investigating Gases WK 2; 27.04.20

Where my wellies take me -27.04.20

A message to the children from all the staff at Buriton!

Home Learning Letter 2 - 20.04.20

Science Home Learning - States of Matter - Week beginning 20.04.20

Where my Wellies Take Me

As an extra activity you might like to complete your own Coronavirus time capsule for the Buriton Heritage Bank

We wondered if you'd like to help decorate the new NHS Nightingale Hospital. They would like to decorate the walls with drawings by children. Please can you draw beautiful, colourful pictures and then email them to:

They will organise getting them sent on.

Have fun!

You can find pictures of your friends doing some home learning in the 'Gallery'.

Happy Tuesday everyone. We made some cards today to post to our family. First we wet the page, then put water colour on in the rough shape of our animal. Once dry, we layered with pastels, then outlined and added detail with pen. Not a typical Easter card, but something, with a lovely message inside (with beautiful handwriting) to hopefully brighten their day a little and send our love. Try it if you can, if not, use this technique as an illustration to a story maybe!

Water colour art - we sketched an outline for our chosen animal, then added colour using water colour paints. It took us 3 goes to let the paint dry, then add more detail. Whilst they were drying, we went into the garden to see if we could identify the birds in our garden using a birdsong book we have. Such a lovely thing to do (and quite tricky), we definitely need more practise! Try something like this at home, we all did it at our own level and I was brave and tried a new technique of adding splashes of deliberate colour to the background!l

Try one of these Lego challenges! Maybe you could design and build a Viking longboat or longhouse!

Lego challenge in our house today - design a Titanic that won’t sink!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

News report on Diving Giraffes

Still image for this video
After watching the ‘High diving giraffes’ video, we have written a news report script and then used iMovie to make a green screen video, have a go, it was good fun!
If you would like to send in some pictures of the home learning you have been doing, or activities to inspire others, please email them to with a short blurb about what you have been doing. I will then upload them to the website. Take care, everyone! 

Symmetry in nature - Collect leaves and discuss and explore lateral or reflective symmetry, this is also a lovely opportunity for identifying types of trees and sketching in the sunshine! Enjoy!!

Home Learning for parents

Year 5 maths answers

Can you make a rainbow to display in your window? Here is Miss Green and her children making some at home!

Times tables games

Christmas Shopping 2019

Practising the Christmas play at the church 2019

Evacuation Day 2019

Our trip to the D-Day Museum 2019

On Tuesday we went into assembly straight away Mrs Brown took us for a tour around the school dressed as an African lady with a water pot on her head. In each class was a wall full of pictures from a book called The Water Princess. This is a few examples of our writing.

We also made water filters, to clean water that we collected from the pond and some that we mixed with mud. By Public Relations.

5.1.18 We started a new topic on the Egyptians learning about Tutankhamun’s tomb being found by Lord Carnarvan and Howard Carter. We went into a tomb in our classroom and found artefacts hidden there. It was dark, so we needed torches and could only stay in there for 1 minute because of the poisonous gases. By Public Relations.

Our recorder performance 2017 with Miss Twite!

8.12.17 CHRISTMAS PLAY !!!!!!! This week we practised our Christmas play (Peter Pan). We took some pictures of our play which we are getting videoed on the 13th of December 2017. By Public Relations

Spanish Armada Homework

Sketch of Queen Elizabeth I

Buriton Primary School Radio Advert

Our class trip to Hampton Court Palace

18.11.17 - This week was full of fun stuff, including poems about senses, sketching, English, sea shanties, maths and games to raise money for Children in Need. Here are some poems by our class Public Relations officers.

3.11.17 This week we have been learning how to use the inverse method and column method for subtraction and addition in maths. By Public Relations.

29.9.17 This week we have been green screening and writing our own playscripts based on Romeo and Juliet. Here are some of our videos. By Public Relations.

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

13.9.17 In Pearls we have been learning about the Tudor times and my favourite thing was Romeo and Juliet. By Public Relations.

13.9.17 In Pearls we have been learning about the Tudors and acting out the Battle of Bosworth. By Public Relations.

Flotsam movie 5

Still image for this video

Flotsam movie 4

Still image for this video

Flotsam movie 3

Still image for this video

Flotsam movie 2

Still image for this video

Flotsam movie 1

Still image for this video


This week we have done some newspaper  report of the Titanic and we were learning  to tell the Time in maths we have also  pratist some  song  called the giant sing –the happy prince.

Our group learning to read the time


During this week we were assigned a project to create a presentation of our non-chronological report on biomes we were allowed to use ICT to help us.

Here are some of our presentations

We also did a game on sea defences we were allowed to design and create a game Here are some examples

3.2.17 These are some poems we have done this week. We have used adjectives, nouns and verbs with our poems. By public relations.

This week we have been making potions in maths.

20.1.17 This week in science we have been learning about animals and their habitats. We have also been writing about our superheroes in literacy. Here are some of our stories. By our Public Relations Officer.

Here is one of our green screen videos, enjoy!

Still image for this video

Here we are, testing our air raid shelters against the wind, rain and 1kg bombs (once the electrical circuits had been removed!)

The 5th of December to the 9th by this week's Public Relations Officers

This week we have been doing lots of fun things and we are about to tell you about them.

Electric circuits

We created electric circuits; it was really fun!

We also had great fun performing our Christmas play and making felt robins.


Here are our robins, they are all very different!


This week has been so FUN!!! On Wednesday we had an evacuation day, and we all came to school dressed ion 1940 style clothing, it was very exciting when we walked around the village pretending to be evacuees, we also made stew and enjoyed eating it with some pickles, cheese and bread at the end of the day. This is the medal I made out of clay…

Written by this week's Public Relations Officer

Evacuation Day!

Our visit from Damien Hinds was brilliant. He taught us lots about parliament and answered all of our questions.

4.11.16 - This week we planned and wrote up our stories about evacuees during World War 2. We also made Christmas cards with patterned PAPER. This is my story.

Written by this week's Public Relations Officer

This week we had great fun visiting Churchill's War Rooms in London. We also had our own mini tour of London from Mrs Carrick, looking at the Cenotaph, horse guards and statue of Winston Churchill to name just a few.

British Values Week


What a fantastic week we have had! Look below to find out more!


Monday - Democracy, debating and the Houses of Parliament.

Tuesday - We discussed the Rule of Law and went to the Town Hall.

Wednesday - We moved around the school doing activities!

Thursday - We went to the local Church and found out about Christianity.

Friday - We visited a Hindu Temple.

We worked on our team work and resilience skills in Sapphires Class.

We had to be investigators in Emerald's class to find out what had happened. It was a rogue unicorn! We talked about the Rule of Law, rights and responsibilities.

We had a superb time when we visited a Hindu Temple!


11.11.16 Homework

Symmetry Homework - Please save the document to your computer before completing, so that others can also use it.