Year 6 – Emeralds

Hello Emeralds!


We know this wasn't the way in which we wanted to start the Spring term, but we will get through this together. This is where we will be uploading all of the activities we would like you to complete in your exercise books as we would do in school. There will be a 'word of the week', spelling, English and Maths activities and a few different activities for the afternoon. We would like some of these activities to involve some sort of physical activity if possible, as an alternative to playtimes and PE sessions that you would have been doing in school. It is super important to stay active, but particularly during lockdown. 


We would like you to be reading for at least half an hour each day and try to log this into your reading diaries, so that we can celebrate when you return to school and receive lots of goodies from Mrs Brown's box of prizes. We would also like you to be practising your times tables using TT Rockstars at least twice a week (we have your logins if you need them). Every morning and afternoon we will be arranging a Zoom meeting, so that we can go through the activities with you and see how you are getting on, so we will look forward to seeing you then.


Just remember to look after yourselves and each other. Remember to do the little things that we talk about, the little things will make a big difference in these times.


Take care and stay safe,


Mrs Holloway and Mrs Carrick x

HOME LEARNING - Monday 22nd January 2021

Word of the Week and Spellings

Monday's Maths Challenges

HOME LEARNING - Friday 22nd January 2021

Word of the Week and Spellings



TT Rockstars

HOME LEARNING - Thursday 21st January 2021

Word of the Week and Spellings


HOME LEARNING - Wednesday 20th January 2021

Word of the Week and Spellings


HOME LEARNING - Tuesday 19th January 2021

Maths Lesson - Decimal Place Value to 3d.p.

HOME LEARNING - Monday 18th January 2021

Word of the Week and Spellings


HOME LEARNING - Friday 15th January 2021

Word of the Week and Spellings


Science Investigation - a list of materials needed for next week.

HOME LEARNING - Thursday 14th January 2021

Word of the Week and Spellings

HOME LEARNING - Wednesday 13th January 2021

Word of the Week and Spellings


HOME LEARNING - Tuesday 12 January 2021

Maths Starter - 12.01.21

Maths 12.01.21 - Multiplying Fractions by Fractions Instruction and Poster

HOME LEARNING - Monday 11th January 2021

Word of the Week and Spellings

English - Newspaper Report Comprehension

Maths Instruction Sheet - Monday 11th January

Monday's Science - Evolution and Inheritance Vocabulary Activity

HOME LEARNING - Friday 8th January 2021

Word of the Week and Spellings


HOME LEARNING - Thursday 7th January 2021

Word of the Week and Spellings

Maths - Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers Instruction


Times Tables


Practise your times tables for at least 20 minutes using TT Rockstars. If you would also like to test yourself as we would in class, the sheets are further down this page, or we could email them to you.  

HOME LEARNING - Wednesday 6th January 2021

Word of the Week and Spellings


Comparing and Ordering Fractions - Instruction to support homework - WB 7.12.20

Emerald's Weekly Overview - Autumn 2020

Negative Numbers Study Book Pages

Horse Race Game

In Maths today we have been looking at probability and we played this fun Horse Race Game. Once we had played it, we then systematically worked out all of the possibilities so we could see which number was most likely to win. we found out that, although the number 7 was statistically more likely, other numbers often won! Then we made up our own version of the game with a different dice combination - using 1, 2, 3 1-6 die or some 0-9 die. You might enjoy this game at home!

Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo


On Thursdays and Fridays, for the rest of the term, we are going to be looking at the book, 'Kensuke's Kingdom' by Michael Morpurgo. This fabulously written book is full of interesting talking points and relatable ideas to discuss reasoning for characters actions. We will be working our way through the book; talking, using drama, writing, drawing and immersing ourselves as we go. 


If you are still learning at home and would like to join us on this journey, there is a link to an online copy of the book and there are some of the resources we will use. As we progress in class, I will upload any tasks we do at school that you might like to have a go at at home.




This week in Maths we had a go at making some tessellating patterns and using them to create some Escher inspired art.


Here is a link to a youtube video that shows you how we did it -


Here is a link to find out more about Escher and his art -




Tessellations created in class

15.6.20 Additional resources used in class.

Maths Investigations for the rest of term.

We are so looking forward to seeing those of you who are returning to school on Monday. It may feel strange to begin with, but we'll soon get used to the new way of learning!


We have now come to the end of online learning, however, for those of you not returning, please continue to follow the BBC Bitesize daily lessons for Maths and English. For all other areas of the curriculum, please use the Oak National Academy online lessons, which consist of presentations, videos and activities for you to follow. The links are provided below. We have also included the last of the Science unit on Evolution and Adaptation.


Those of you going to TPS should be receiving emails directly from them containing weekly transition activities. We will also be uploading any work we feel will be relevant to your child that has been completed in the classroom.


Don't forget to continue reading daily and accessing TTRockstars and Purple Mash. Enjoy your learning!

1.6.20 Learning Overview

TPS Transition Activities.

Harris Burdick Unit of work for Writing

Daily Maths Problem Solving Sessions

18.5.20 Learning Overview

Learning Overview 11.5.20 Wallace and Gromit Week!

This week we will be learning about VE Day and taking part in national celebrations!

Extra Maths activities to support BBC Bitesize

Below are some VE Day themed Maths problems. Each problem gets progressively more challenging so you can choose!

VE Day photographs

This week we are learning all about bees!!

 Hello Emeralds!


This week we will be learning all about bees!


Look in the 'Bees Week Home Learning' PDF for options and ideas. Each is hyperlinked to the documents to make it easy to find what you want. Simply click on the blue underlined words and it will take you to the right thing.


The blog is now active and Miss Green has uploaded some videos of her reading some bee books in the 'Video Centre' and a rainbow science experiment for you to try.


Really looking forward to seeing you all soon and in the meantime seeing your comments and work in the blog!

A message to the children from all the staff at Buriton!

Leavers Hoodies!

Science for this Half Term is Inheritance and Evolution. Here is the overview for the half term and some useful links. We will upload the sessions weekly for you, with recources.

As an extra activity you might like to complete your own Coronavirus Time Capsule for the Buriton Heritage Bank

We wondered if you'd like to help decorate the new NHS Nightingale Hospital. They would like to decorate the walls with drawings by children. Please can you draw beautiful, colourful pictures and then email them to:

They will organise getting them sent on.

Have fun!

You can find pictures of your friends doing some home learning in the 'Gallery'.

Home Learning for WB 23.03.2020 and WB 30.03.2020

We have been doing a Science experiment I thought you'd all enjoy! Details in the document below!

Red Cabbage Colour Change Experiment

Oreo is enjoying nibbling grass at home! We were both very sad to miss you all on Friday before you all went off! Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Can you make a rainbow to display in your window? Here is Miss Green and her children making some at home!

Ancient Greek Day 2020