Buriton School Fete

Coronation Party in May 2023

Pearls and Emeralds on a local walk in the QE Park during the Autumn term 2022

Meeting Father Christmas in 2022

Fun at Christmas 2022

Somewhere over the rainbow....... Marie, one of our parents, took this wonderful shot of our school at pick up on Friday.

Children in Need 2020!

Welcome back to Home Learning after the Easter break! 

Below is some learning that children have been doing at home this half term!

Yummy! Check out these fab bee cakes - we love the queen bee!

Beeriliant bee puzzle

Solitary bee houses and some baking!

Busy in this Year 6 and Year 5 household

More lovely Art from this Year 6

A fantastic bug hotel and awesome train track constructed by a Year 3 child

Lots of fun learning and exercising happening in this learner's home!

This awesome Baked Potato animation was created by one of our Emeralds!

Still image for this video

This Emerald was really excited to get her leavers hoodie (check the Emeralds page for pictures of some of the others in theirs!) and also did some lovely baking, including this fabulous cake for her Mum's birthday!

These learners have been taking on Mrs Brown's rainbow challenge!

This learner has been developing some awesome woodwork skills and making a bug hotel!

These guys have been making a bug hotel and doing some home science experiments!

Here are some cool Mini Beast Top Trump cards!

These learners have been working on Mrs Brown's Rainbow challenge, finding frogs in the pond and doing lots of growing in the garden!

Week two Home learning for this learner included Reading, Maths, Writing, colouring and lots of skipping. They also pretended to be an astronaut; colouring upside down, and building a spaceship!

This learner has been working on his Scratch coding skills. You could download the program for free and programme your sprite too!


Still image for this video

These guys have been making very yummy looking cakes!! Awesome skills!!

These learners have been finding out how to give 4 figure grid references, using an OS map of the local area, use of marginal information and how to orientate a map using a compass. Also they have made a Viking Longboat out of Lego and a rainbow picture for the Nightingale Hospital.

Maths, Maths and more Maths...and cheese scones!! Yum and fun!

This family have been doing some Science with a balloon, some string and a straw! It looks like awesome fun!!

Still image for this video

This family have been doing Reading, Maths, K'Nex and cooking, amongst other things!

Skittles fun! These guys are setting up a cool experiment...Can you guess what will happen?

Still image for this video

These two have been throwing baby Annabelle a birthday party. They went toy shopping, made a cake, wrapped presents and played party games. Baby Annabelle had a great time!

Model making, dance, making the dog a cake, pressure washing the patio and literacy among other things in this house!

Two children have been making rainbows and doing Maths, among other activities!

Home Learning pictures from week one of learning from home! Thank you for sending all of these lovely pictures in!

Roman Day in Sapphires Class

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