Performance League Tables - Great News!

Performance League Tables – Great News! Buriton in the top 5 schools in Hampshire!

Each year in December, the Department for Education releases Performance Tables detailing Year 6 SATs results for all schools in England. Our results for children achieving at a higher standard was 29% compared to 7% in Hampshire and 5% nationally.


This result means that out of all the 497 schools in Hampshire, Buriton Primary came 5th from the top! The school at the top of the league table scored 32%. As always, our fantastic results reflect the hard work and dedication of the children and all the staff throughout the school. The Performance League tables can be accessed on the following website

Every member of staff is passionate about providing a stimulating, relevant curriculum where children develop life-long skills and a love of learning. We all work hard to make learning enjoyable and provide memorable experiences, diligently striving to achieve high standards of teaching and learning; the results of which were reflected again in the performance league tables.